Homeopathic Consultations

Working Together

  • Preparing for your initial session
  • What to Expect
  • The Homeopathic Consultation
  • If You Take Medication
  • Your Remedy
  • What’s Next

Preparing for your initial session

  • The sessions offered here at Continuum Wellness are by phone or video such as SKYPE.  Prior to your visit you will be sent information by e-mail, fax or mail (or by download); several forms which require completion.  Included will be a history form and a consent form.  These need to be returned prior to our initial session.  Fill out the forms as completely as possible, but there is not a need for excessive detail.  Some of the questions may seem odd.  The questions address many aspects of your life, your life experiences and your physical, emotional and mental state.  In homeopathy there is no right or wrong.  What may seem trivial to you can be very important.  In addition it really is all about energy.  My concern is how is your vital force expressing itself.  This is important, because it leads to your remedy.

What to Expect 

  • Your forms will be reviewed.  The information you provide helps me to understand your chief concern (we also most likely had a pre-appointment talk about what was going on and why you want to work with me and use homeopathy).  We establish an agreed upon goal.  We discuss your expectations and provide timelines for results.

The Homeopathic Consultation

  • The consultation is essentially a guided interview.  You will talk.  I will listen.  I will ask questions and you may need to go into a few details with me. It lays the foundation for finding the remedy you need.  There are 2500+ homeopathic remedies.  In addition there are different approaches to analyse your case and other considerations.  I essentially practice what we call in the states, classical homeopathy which gives one remedy at a time.  After our session is completed, I review and study the case.  I ask clients to expect a call within five days.  It is usually sooner but it depends on your case.  I discuss this with you.

If You Take Medication

  • With homeopathy as you improve, you stop taking the remedy.  As your health improves there is no need for drug “dependency”.  Homeopathy is a holistic medical healing art and it is a form of energy medicine.  Using the remedies do not impinge on the drugs, but it can effect your results.  It can slow them down.  It may require a bit more patience for your optimum results.

Your Remedy

  • You will choose to either obtain the remedy or purchase it from me.  There is an additional fee of $20.00 for the remedy purchase.
    You will receive complete instructions as to how to take the remedy and how often to repeat it, etc.  Also you will be sent information regarding how to avoid anti-doting the remedy.

The Follow-Up

  • This is important!  A check in call is included in your initial fee.  I want to see how you are doing and answer any questions you may have.  We will schedule a follow up session, which lasts up to 45 minutes within 4 to 6 weeks. How many follow up sessions are needed depend on the situation that is being addressed.  But expect the frequency to  lessen as there is improvement.

What’s Next

  • I believe in integrative medical care.  I see myself as an integral part of your team.  I believe you should have medical doctors as part of your team.  It is important to have tests and exams as needed.  I am not a medical doctor and do not diagnose conditions.  You also should communicate that you are employing the use of homeopathy in your health and well-being regimen.  Also you may need to be tapered off of prescription which is done under your doctor’s guidance.







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