http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-homeopathy-image24184473Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures likes.  It uses extremely small doses of a substance which, in larger doses produces can produce similar symptoms.  For example, coffee can cause wakefulness.  In someone who experiences wakefulness that is similar to coffee; the homeopathic remedy coffee (coffea) may aid in producing calmness.

The ultra diluted remedy does not overwhelm the body and allows the body to arouse its own healing energy to restore
balance and healing.

Unlike allopathic drugs which produce a wide range of side effects Homeopathic remedies do not produce harmful  side effects.  Homeopathy is safe for all family members.  There are numerous situations and examples where it has been used for the broad conditions of human (and animal) life experiences.

Homeopathic medicine works to restore the sick to health, to treat the person, not disease.

The goal of homeopathic care is to “do no harm.”

Homeopathy does not give you different remedies for your headache, your stomachache, sadness, restless legs or whatever else is ailing you.  The goal is to treat the whole person.

Homeopathy is useful for the human condition – childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause, emotional shocks, skin conditions,STD’s, stomach complaints, memory problems, learning problems, restlessness, hearing problems and more.

Homeopathy is inexpensive and can reduce your medical expenses.

Homeopathy can help to build your health.

Homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free.  

Homeopathy is non-addictive.

By avoiding external treatments and healing the inner complaint, chronic conditions are avoided.

Homeopathy empowers you.


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