Homeopathy Freedom From Bias


I have mentioned previously that homeopathy is different from the standard medical care we are exposed to in the West.  Recently there was bit of an expose about the influence of large pharmaceutical companies paying writers for “research” on their medication.  In addition, the pharmaceutical company reviewed the final article for approval.

In this case the drug was to help client with obesity.  The drug is Saxenda.

One of the points of view the author of the article, a physician, wrote is that “it is difficult to overcome physiology with behaviour”.  In this point of view you would have to see a person intrinsically as separate from the body and limited.  If the people on your healing team view you as not able to heal that can be an obstacle to cure.  There is a connection between our body, our mind and our spirit.

There are numerous ways to approach the concept of being free from bias.   One view is that obesity is an effect.  It is not the cause.  So what needs to be healed?  The person.  It is not just a matter of over eating.  In one particular repertory over 100 homeopathic remedies are listed under obesity.

Freedom from bias is a core essential in homeopathic case taking.  Paragraph 83 of the Organon discusses that cases must be individualized, that the medical art (of homeopathy) demands freedom from bias and healthy senses, attention while observing and fidelity in recording the image of the disease.



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